Dr. Edward H.K. NG

Founder& Director, Dren Analytics Pte Ltd


Adjunct Faculty, National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University
Trainer, Financial Risk Management and Professional Risk Management Director, Quiddita Pte Ltd
Managing Director, All Good Gifts Ltd

Ph.D. in finance, Ohio State University, 1990 (on overseas graduate scholarship awarded in 1986 by the National University of Singapore);
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours), National University of Singapore, 1983;
Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration, 2014, National University of Singapore

Основні напрямки діяльності, публікації і проекти
(по кліку випадає наступний список)

1994 - 05 Senior Lecturer, National University of Singapore
1991 - 94 Lecturer, National University of Singapore
1985 - 86 Senior Tutor, National University of Singapore
1984 - 85 Senior Investment Officer,
Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC)
1983 - 84 Senior Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)


Managing Credit Data: Toward Basel II

Research and publications

Handbook of Asian Financial Markets and Sovereign Wealth Funds
Bank Management Journal
Journal of Finance
Banks and Bank Systems
Global Finance Journal
Pacific-Basin Finance Journal
Asia Pacific Journal of Management
Handbook of Asian Finance
Journal of Asian Real Estate Research
Securities Industry Review
Hanil Institute of Finance and Banking Journal
Gobal Portfolio Diversification: Risk Management, Market Microstructure, and Implementation Issues (chapter)

Editorial appointments

Editor, Review of Financial Markets, published by John Wiley (Asia) Pte Ltd.
Associate Editor, Journal of Asian Real Estate Research
Associate Editor (former), Asia Pacific Journal of Management

Projects under Dren Analytics Pte Ltd

State Bank of India (2014)
Operational risk (Basel II) and Liquidity risk (Basel III)

Sing Investments & Finance (2011)
Development of Risk Management System

State Bank of India (2011)
Solution through Training on Stress Testing required by Monetary Authority of Singapore

Financial Industry Competency Standards (from 2009 and ongoing)
Training and assessing financial services professionals in Credit Risk Management, Operational Risk Management and Credit Analytics

NUS-RMI (2009 to 2010)
Development of FICS-accredited content and assessment for Credit Analytics and Credit Risk Management (Corporate Banking) Job Role VI

NUS-RMI (2008 to 2009)
Development of FICS-accredited content and assessment for Credit Analytics, Credit Risk Management (Corporate Banking), Market Risk Analytics, Market Risk Management and Operational Risk Management Job Role V

Thanachart Bank, Thailand (2007)
Assessment of data adequacy for Basel II Internal Rating System

ACL Bank, Thailand (2007)
Development of data warehouse for risk management

Bank of Thailand (2006)
Design and completion of Basel II Internal Rating System inspection manual under World Bank grant

Business Online (2005)
Corporate credit risk rating development for all Thai firms

OCBC Bank (2003)
Assessment of customer data warehouse adequacy

UOB Bank (2002)
Development of consumer credit risk rating model

Consultation Projects in Personal Capacity

Bank Negara Indonesia (2014)
Consultant Risk Specialist

Singapore Computer Systems (1991 to 2001)
Fulltime consultant for financial services.

Finance Houses Association (2001)
Analysis on the role of the finance companies in the next century for dialogue with the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Marketing Institute of Singapore (2000)
Securing bank loan for new MIS premises after Institute’s own application was rejected by several financial institutions.

Batey (2000)
Forecast of future developments in the banking industry.
Asian Development Bank (1998)
In-depth analysis on how the Central Provident Fund scheme affects the development of financial markets in Singapore.

Stock Exchange of Singapore (1996 & 1997)
Development of the Business Times Singapore Regional Index

Bank Niaga, Indonesia (1997)
Advice on the bank’s 5-year strategic plan.

Asian Development Bank (1997)
Survey and analysis of institutional investment activities in Singapore.

Citibank Singapore (1992)
Estimated the amount of investible funds in Singapore.

Participations as expert or panelist

Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (1996 to 2006)
ASEAN Business Forum (1997)
Roundtable on the Asian financial crisis (1997)
UN seminar on better management in the financial sector (1998)
UN expert meeting on strategies to development financial markets


Dr. Edward H.K. NG
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